TrueUser Technology

Unique Features

Built to interact dynamically with Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), DejaClick™ features AlertSite's proprietary TrueUser™ technology to answer the challenges of Web 2.0's emerging technologies.

Some of the unique features of TrueUser technology include:

  • Adaptive Playback
    DejaClick automatically detects and adjusts for dynamic features of RIAs, including cookies, caching, certificates, JavaScript and delayed user responses.
  • End-User Computing (EUC)
    Scripts are created automatically as a byproduct of mouse clicks and Web site browsing.
  • Global Monitoring
    Scripts monitor performance continuously and automatically from multiple locations around the world.
  • End-to-End Transaction Perspective
    End-to-end, Web-based and server-based metrics are incorporated into a single AlertSite® management console.
  • Match Scoring
    Proprietary algorithms rate the likelihood of correct page object identification.

DejaClick Record and Playback Options

The browser-based scripts generated by DejaClick can:

  • Represent the script structure with graphics in a sidebar.
  • Simulate new visitors or returning visitors (which affects cookies, caching and password management).
  • Block options such as pop-up windows and new cookies.
  • Prompt users to make script adjustments via the 'Replay Advisor' feature.
  • Allow automatic or manual adjustment of replay timings.
  • Simulate pause intervals (think time).
  • Manage limits, thresholds and triggers.

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