TrueScreen Technology


Many Web sites are now built using multiple layers of the dynamic media platform Flash. TrueScreen technology by AlertSite tracks and monitors all user activity with Flash objects.

Special features of TrueScreen technology include:

  • Full support for Ajax-based applications
  • Recording and monitoring of all user activity with Flash media, including clicks, drags, keystrokes, and mouseovers
  • Complete and accurate playback of user-Flash object interaction

If you're not monitoring your dynamic content, you may be missing important information about the overall performance of your website application.

Installing TrueScreen on your Desktop

To take advantage of this feature:

  1. Go to DejaClick Downloads
  2. Install DejaClick by clicking the Add to Firefox button in the Download DejaClick section of the page
  3. Next, install TrueScreen by clicking the platform-specific Add to Firefox button in the Download modules section
  4. Restart Firefox

To verify that it's installed correctly, click the Help_info.PNG in the DejaClick toolbar, select About DejaClick, and then click the System Info button. You should see Modules Info: with Name: DejaClick TrueScreen underneath it.

TrueScreen Technology Example

TrueScreen automatically detects flash content in the Web site:


Note the green TrueScreen logo in the status bar at the bottom. This indicates that you are recording in a Flash object.

Record Configuration Options

The TrueScreen Record Options lets you fine-tune the behavior of this features. In Basic Display Mode of the Configuration Options menu, you get two selections, plus the ability to modify the Hotkey:


By default, the Hotkey keyset is <ALT>/. The Hotkey is a toggle. Click the Hotkey to manually enable TrueScreen; click it again to manually disable it as needed.

Click the Edit Hotkey... link to change the default Hotkey from <ALT>/ to another control keyset of your choosing:


Display Mode Advanced provides even greater flexibility:


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