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About DejaClick

DejaClick is the web monitoring industry's first inside-the-browser monitoring system. DejaClick's TrueUserTM technology captures every element of an online interaction from the perspective of the end user. DejaClick's new TrueScreenTM technology enables you to record, play back and monitor all Flash activity.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Generates scripts automatically by following user click streams, requiring no scripting
  • Flexible and adaptive script property editing
  • Transactions can be played back on the desktop exactly as they will be in the service for verification
  • Toolbar provides easy access to detailed reports and graphs
  • Automatically detects and adjusts for dynamic features of Rich Internet Applications (RIA), including cookies, caching, certificates, JavaScript, Flash, and delayed user responses



Installing Firefox

The Firefox browser is a requirement for running DejaClick. If you don't already have Firefox installed, you must first install the Firefox browser. You can download the latest version from the DejaClick Downloads page by clicking the download Firefox link in the upper right or directly from

Once Firefox is installed and restarted, continue with the next section.


Installing DejaClick

Start by going to the DejaClick Downloads page.



Click the button labeled Add to Firefox under the top section, download DejaClick. Your PC platform is automatically detected, so the correct version will be installed.

Read and accept the End User License Agreement displayed in a dialog:



You should see a warning message at the top of your browser:



Click the Allow button to install the add-on.

You should see the Software Installation dialog:



Click the Install Now button.

Next, you'll see the following popup:



BEFORE YOU RESTART, we recommend you also install any additional modules available. The Downloads page displayed above shows the TrueScreen module available. The button for the correct platform is automatically presented, but clicking on see other available platforms will display the other supported platforms, as shown above.

Click the correct button for your platform, accept the End User License Agreement, and allow the installation. Click the Install Now button, The Restart Now popup will appear.

Click the Restart Now button. After Firefox restarts, you should now see the DejaClick toolbar in your Firefox browser:



Hover your mouse over each icon for a tooltip describing each button. To display the icons with text, power on the toolbar (see below), click on the Configure Options icon config_options.png, and select Icons & Text from the Toolbar Style dropdown in the General tab.


Record Your First Transaction

To begin recording a transaction, start by clicking the Power button Power_On.png OR the Begin Recording button Begin_recording.png in the toolbar. You should see the following pop-up:


Select Enable if you are recording transactions for AlertSite to use as monitoring scripts.

Enter the URL you would like to start recording into your browser's address bar, and press ENTER on your keyboard. For the purposes of this tutorial, let's use Yahoo's home page to set up a simple transaction.



Note: It is critical to assign keywords to transactions that you intend to use for monitoring, in order to ensure that your web application is responding correctly. Applications today frequently handle errors gracefully and return HTTP 200 responses even when an error is generated. Therefore, keywording is often required to identify invalid responses (e.g., after logging into the application as "Testuser", if you expect "Hello Testuser" to appear in the page and it's not there, login is not functioning).

To put DejaClick into keyword selection mode, click the Open validation panel button Open_validation.png in the toolbar. This button is a toggle switch. In keyword mode, it will be displayed in the window like this:



Using the mouse, hover over text in the web page. The word or line of text should appear in the Keyword text field. For example, on the Yahoo home page, the navigation links on the left are always present. Hover over the words "My Yahoo" with the mouse. Note that "My Yahoo" appears in the text field.



Single click to select the text "My Yahoo" as a keyword verification.

In the Add Keyword Validation dialog box, click OK to add "My Yahoo" as a keyword validation.



Repeat for the word "Autos" in the navigation links.

The transaction is now configured to cause an alert to be sent whenever these two text validations are not on the page.

Click the Close validation panel button Close_validation.png in the toolbar to toggle keyword mode off.

Now we're ready to move on to the next step (action).

Navigate to the next page of the transaction by clicking on the "Autos" link in the left-hand frame. This displays:



Again, toggle into keyword mode, hover over "New Cars" and then click to select "New Cars" as your keyword phrase. Close the validation panel.

Click the Stop Recording button Stop_recording.png. You'll see:




Play Your Transaction Back on the Desktop

Before a transaction can be uploaded to the AlertSite console for monitoring, it must be played back on the desktop.

First, open the DejaClick sidebar by clicking on the Open Sidebar button Results_Sidebar.png. Your screen should now look like this:



Click the Begin replay button Replay_all.png. DejaClick will play through the recorded transaction while displaying statistics pertaining to the transaction in the sidebar. If you get a pop-up asking if you want to Skip, Stop, or Continue, choose Skip. Otherwise you should see this pop-up, which indicates that you are ready to save, bookmark or upload:




Verify Your Transaction at a Remote Location with Test On Demand before Upload

In order to assure that your transaction will monitor as expected remotely, we strongly recommend that you replay the transaction on one of our worldwide monitoring locations before uploading it to your AlertSite Console. This Test On Demand is done with the touch of a button.

After successful replay on your desktop, click the Test On Demand button Test_On_Demand.png in the DejaClick toolbar. If you have not yet logged in to your AlertSite Console, the Login dialog box will appear. Enter your User Name and Password, then click OK.

A dialog will be displayed with a dropdown for Browser and Locations:


Make your selections, and click Test. A slide show will be displayed on the screen with thumbnails of each page. When the Test On Demand completes successfully, you'll be able to view a detail report with performance data from that monitoring location. You can click on each thumbnail to display a larger view of the page. If the Test On Demand returns an error, you will be able to analyze the problem immediately and make whatever changes are needed prior to uploading to your account.


Save, Bookmark and Upload

Now that our recording is complete, let's learn how to save, bookmark and upload.



Saving a DejaClick transaction is very straightforward. Just click the Save icon Save_recording.png and give your transaction script a name like "Yahoo Test." You can retrieve previously saved scripts by clicking the Open Script button Open_recording.png.



To create an easy-to-access bookmark for your newly recorded transaction, just click the Super Bookmarks button Superbookmark.png and provide a name (like "Yahoo Test"). Now the transaction can be played back via a shortcut in the bookmarks list.


Upload to your AlertSite Account for Monitoring

To upload a recorded transaction to AlertSite's worldwide network of monitoring stations, click on the Remote Services button Remotely_Monitor.png and select AlertSite Login (Note: this requires a trial account or customer account). If you need a free trial account, please go to Free Trial Signup.

Enter your user name (typically your email address) and password, then click OK.


Click on the Remote Services button again and select Upload Recording from the pull-down menu.

Give your transaction a name and click OK, and AlertSite will begin using this transaction script to monitor your web site from multiple locations around the globe.



This completes the basic tutorial for recording a transaction using DejaClick.

For additional assistance, DejaClick Community users may post questions in the DejaClick User's Forum. AlertSite customers may visit Customer Support for customer service contact information.

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