DéjàClick Tips & Tricks

Important Tip: Many first-time users don't realize that when DéjàClick is recording, it is sometimes affected by what you do in all of your other browser windows and tabs. Also, if you attempt to interact with the browser during replay, you may interfere with its operation and confuse DéjàClick while it's trying to listen for the browser events it is playing back.


Bottom Line: Please do not tend to other browser tasks such as playing online games, etc., while recording or replaying a script or Super Bookmark, as it may interfere with operation. To be safe, always press the green stop button to end recording or replay before doing other things.


Configuration Tip: The "Notify when Complete" option to toggle on/off displaying the "Record Complete" or "Replay Complete" notifications is available on the Configuration Options dialog (under “General” options) as well as a Quick Settings menu option (under the Configure Options toolbar button). This option disables notification prompts for the following events:

  • Playback Stopped
  • Playback Complete
  • Recording Complete
  • Recording Incomplete

In addition, only the above listed notifications are affected; all other user prompting and notifications remain unchanged.


If replay does not complete: Try enabling the Simulate New Visitor option first, then re-record. This option is useful when recording sites that rely heavily on the previous state of browser cookies and cache, or if a username and password are required to login and you have the Firefox password manager option enabled.

The Simulate New Visitor option is available as a Quick Settings option under the Configure Options toolbar menu button, and also in the "Record" tab of the "Configure Settings..." dialog.

If used, this option should be enabled before beginning the recording, and then reset (unchecked) back to its default setting after recording is complete.


Keyword Tip: Keywords can be added during replay, not just during recording. To do so, press the Keyword toolbar button (magnifying glass) whenever DéjàClick is paused during replay. If you need to add multiple keywords, you can automatically pause replay by stepping through your script one action/page at a time. Do this by selecting “Replay Next Action” from the down-arrow menu next to the Play toolbar button, then press Play after you have added your keywords for the page and are ready to advance to the next action/page.


Adding Keywords after the fact: You may Add/Edit/Remove keywords manually using the DéjàClick properties sidebar: just open the sidebar using the Properties button (via the DéjàClick toolbar), then expand the tree elements, click on the Action (or Event) and open the Keyword Validations property panel to modify.


Hover Events: DéjàClick adds Hover events to a recording only when it determines they may be required to ensure successful replay. The decision to add Hover events is based upon a complex set of algorithms, but a few of the rules include:

  • Does the page item have have onMouse event triggers?
  • Was an Event's target page item a static part of the page, or was it added to the page dynamically after the page was loaded?
  • Does the page item required multiple roll-overs to recreate the same dynamic objects as the original recording, etc.

In most cases, DéjàClick gets these calculations right, but in certain situations, the Replay Advisor may be required to adjust the script to ignore a useless hover event. This might occur, for example, if you click on a page item prior to the page fully loading (there is a red/green indicator at the bottom-right side of the DéjàClick status bar to indicate when it's safe to proceed).


Web Content Changes: While replaying a recorded script, there are instances where DéjàClick waits for web content changes, even though nothing has changed in the front end since the time the script was recorded. The DéjàClick status bar shows “Pausing for web content changes” during this instance, typically resulting in a timeout. You can override (that is, turn off) content change detection in three different ways:

  1. At the System level: In the DéjàClick Toolbar→Configure Options→Replay Properties tab (set to Advanced Display Level)→ Content Changes panel, uncheck "Use recorded content change hints" option and click “OK”.
  2. At the Script level: In the DéjàClick Sidebar→Properties tab (set to Advanced Display Level)→Content Changes panel, uncheck "Use recorded content change hints" option and click “Apply”.
  3. At the Event level: DéjàClick Sidebar (fully expand to the Event view by clicking on the gray banner above the tree)→Properties tab (set to Advanced Display Level)→ Content Changes panel, uncheck "Use recorded content change hints" option and click “Apply”

Keep in mind that Replay Advisor automatically adjusts any content change issues during replay. Manually overriding Content Changes for the entire script (or all scripts) is usually not recommended since the option helps assist DéjàClick in determining when to start the next event.


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