Answers to DejaClick Frequently Asked Questions

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Does DejaClick record keyboard key strokes as well?

Yes. DejaClick v and later provides the ability to record and replay individual keystrokes for text input fields. For input fields that require it (i.e., those that have onmousedown, onmouseup, onmousepress event triggers), DejaClick will automatically enable the option for replay. Otherwise, you may enable it manually by ticking the “Replay using keystrokes” checkbox option of the “Event Input” property panel in the Event Properties Sidebar.

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What is the best way to go back a page?

Use the browser “Back” button. The Back/Forward buttons are recorded as events.

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Can I choose to omit the notice box that confirms a replay has completed successfully?

This is available with v and later. Simply de-select “Notify when Complete” from the Quick Settings drop-down in the Configure Options button, or in Configure Options->General Settings tab, in the Effects section.

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Is there a way to open each bookmarked site in its own individual tab?

This feature is available in DejaClick v and later. You can record the following window and tab operations:

Ctrl-T or File->New Tab (open a new tab)
Ctrl-W or File->Close tab (close tab)

Ctrl-N or File->New Window (open a new window)
Ctrl-Shift-W or File->Close Window (close window)

DejaClick will record events for any new windows or tabs you open or close while recording. You may adjust these default settings using the DejaClick Options dialog under the 'Record Properties tab' in the 'Browser Options' property panel.

Note: DejaClick does not yet record closing tabs using the ? button next to a tab or by selecting "Close Tab" from the right-click tab menu list. It will also not record closing windows using Ctrl-W if there are no tabs displayed. These issues will be addressed in a future release.

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Is there a way to change the recorded drop-menu item, for example, if I want to change from the 5th item in the drop-down to the 10th item?

Yes. Version allows you to select by position in the list, the item name (what you see in the form), or the underlying value. Just highlight the event and open the “Event Input” property panel. Choose the way you want to change it (position, name, value) and click the drop-down list in the “Select Item” field and select the new item.

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Does DejaClick have a way to show how long it takes the browser to display my page?

Yes. The User Experience Reporting feature displays additional columns in the Report Details section of several AlertSite Performance Reports and in Test On Demand results. The additional timings are DOM Load (Firefox transactions) and Page Load (Firefox and IE transactions). See User Experience Reporting for more information.

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Does DejaClick support variable input for HTML forms?

Yes, DejaClick includes the ability to use Script Variables if, for example, you need to use a different login id for each replay. Please see Script Variables in this Help wiki. Several examples of using script variables are included.

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How do I filter out AlertSite monitoring hits from Google Analytics?

  1. If you have administrative access, get into the Filter Manager page for your site in Google Analytics
  2. Click Add Filter
  3. Enter a name for the filter
  4. Leave the radio button Predefined filter and Traffic from the domains dropdown defaults selected
  5. Select that contain from the right-most dropdown
  6. In the Domain field, enter and make sure the Case Sensitive radio button No is selected
  7. Highlight the site under Available Website Profiles in the Apply Filter to Website Profiles section that you want filter and click the Add>> button to move it to Selected Website Profiles
  8. Click Save
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How do I filter out AlertSite monitoring hits from web server logs (analytics software) using User Agent in DejaClick?

You can append a known tag to the User Agent string sent by AlertSite by doing the following:

  1. Power on DejaClick, then record, open, or download a script into DejaClick running in your Firefox browser
  2. Click on the Open/Close Script Properties sidebar icon (pencil over paper) in the DejaClick toolbar to display the sidebar on the left
  3. Highlight the top script level name in the Script Tree
  4. Change the Display Level from Basic to Advanced at the bottom of the sidebar, then click OK to confirm
  5. Scroll down the properties and click on Browser Preferences
  6. Check the box next to Customize User Agent string
  7. Click the radio button for Append
  8. Change the default tag DejaClick/x.x.x.x to AlertSite, or, if desired, use the default tag
  9. Click Apply - you must do this to make the change permanent
  10. Click the green arrow in the toolbar to play the transaction and verify successful replay
  11. Upload the new transaction or replace an existing transaction in the AlertSite Console, or save the script locally to your PC
  12. Add a filter to your server logs or analytic software to exclude entries with "AlertSite" (or the tag you entered in the step above) in the User Agent string
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How can I record and monitor an Internet Explorer-friendly website with DejaClick in the Firefox Browser?

This does not work 100% of the time, depending on the complexity of the website interacting with Internet Explorer. The first thing you will need to do is get the User Agent Switcher Add-On from and add it to your Firefox browser.

Once you've installed this Add-On, Firefox will give you the option to record a transaction using a different browser type, e.g., IE8. In Firefox, go to Tools→Default User Agent→Internet Explorer→Internet Explorer 8. Now you can try to record and playback your transaction.

If you are able to record and playback your transaction successfully, you will have to change the User Agent string in your Browser Preferences in DejaClick (see below).

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How do I modify my User Agent String in DejaClick to emulate Internet Explorer?

You will need to access the Properties Sidebar on the left side of your browser. If it is not currently showing:

  1. Power on DejaClick and click on the Open/Close Script Properties sidebar icon (pencil over paper) in the DejaClick toolbar to display the sidebar on the left
  2. Highlight the top script level name in the Script Tree
  3. Change the Display Level from Basic to Advanced at the bottom of the sidebar, then click OK to confirm
  4. Scroll down the properties and click on Browser Preferences
  5. Check the box next to Customize User Agent string
  6. Click on Replace with
  7. Highlight the existing User Agent string and replace it with the following string compatible with IE8:
    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1)
  8. Click Apply - you must do this to make the change permanent
  9. Click the green arrow in the toolbar to play the transaction and verify successful replay
  10. Test the script with a Test On Demand from one of AlertSite's monitoring location by clicking on the "lightning bolt" icon in the DejaClick toolbar and select a location to test from

If the transaction plays back successfully following the Test On Demand, it will monitor successfully in the AlertSite Console.

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Where can I find a User Agent string example if I recorded using a different version of IE.x?

If you recorded your transaction using a different version of IE, go to Firefox→Tools→Internet Explorer x→User Agent Switcher→Test and scroll down the page to where you see:

The following XML can be used to import this browser's user agent into the
User Agent Switcher extension.

<useragent description="User Agent" useragent="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible;
MSIE X.0; Windows NT 6.1)" appcodename="Mozilla" appname="Microsoft
Internet Explorer" appversion="4.0  (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1)"
platform="Win32" vendor="" vendorsub=""/>

Only use the text following useragent= without the quotations.

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Is it possible to reuse a variable generated in one step for all steps in the transaction that use that variable?

DejaClick includes a checkbox option on the "Add/Edit Script Variable" dialog that tells DejaClick to calculate the variable's value only once. Setting this option makes the variable's initial value “sticky” when reused across multiple events within a single replay.

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Is there a way to verify the presence (or absence) of text on a screen?

Text assertions in DejaClick are known as Keyword Validations. You can add keywords during record or replay by clicking on the Keyword toolbar button (magnifying glass) after the page has loaded.

You must be in paused mode to enable keywording. You can either press the Pause button directly, or click the down-arrow next to the Play toolbar button and select the “Replay Next Action” option from the menu; this steps through and pauses after each page load, and also works for individual events.

When the Keyword button is clicked, the “Validation Panel” above the main window opens in “Keyword” mode. Move the mouse around the page and see suggested keywords displayed in keyword panel of the toolbar. Clicking on the page selects the suggested keyword and opens the Add Keyword dialog to let you change the text or modify settings. Click the “Close Keyword Validation” icon to continue to the next page in replay. An error message is displayed if the text is not (or is) found when you replay the recording.

Note: changing “Display Level” to “Advanced” in the Add/Edit keyword dialog displays additional options.

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How do I set the session cookie in my DejaClick script?

This is a simple, multi-step process:

  • First, encode the cookie:
    • Go to URL Decoder/Encoder
    • Enter your cookie into the window and click the Encode button:

      Encoded becomes:

  • Copy-and-paste the encoded cookie to your clipboard to save it
  • In your DejaClick script sidebar Properties tab:
    • Switch to Advanced Display Level
    • Open the Custom Headers panel
    • Click Add to display the Add Customer Header dialog
    • Enter a Name for your cookie
    • Copy-and-paste the encoded cookie from your clipboard to the Value field
    • Click OK

The custom header applies the cookie to every HTTP request.

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Can I execute JavaScript code in DejaClick?

Yes, DejaClick v 2.0 allows you to execute custom JavaScript code within a page with JavaScript Validations.

You must be in paused mode to enable JavaScript Validation. You can either press the Pause button directly, or click the down-arrow next to the Play toolbar button and select the “Replay Next Action” option from the menu; this steps through and pauses after each page load, and also works for individual events.

When the validation button is clicked, the “Validation Panel” above the main window opens in “Keyword” mode. Select “Java...” from the Validation Type drop-down to bring up the “Add JavaScript Validation” dialog, click the checkbox for multiple lines if needed, and enter the JavaScript code to be executed in the page. For more details, go to JavaScript Validation in this Help wiki.

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Is there a way to run my script when Firefox starts up?

Yes. The easiest way would be to create a DejaClick Super Bookmark using the yellow star icon on the toolbar. Make that your startup homepage: in the Firefox Options dialog, in the Startup section of the Main tab, click the "Use Bookmark" button and select the DejaClick Super bookmark you just created as your Home Page URL. Then, change the "When Firefox starts" option to "Show my home page".

Another option is to create a shortcut to execute Firefox and pass your DejaClick URL via the command line.

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Can I check for keywords in the HTML source code?

Yes. Keyword validations can also check the page source content. In Keyword Validation mode, simply select/highlight an area of the web page with the mouse (left click and drag), then click on your selection. The keyword dialog will appear showing the HTML source code for the selected area of the page. You can then edit the displayed source text so that only the specific portion of the page source you want to extract and validate appears. During replay, DejaClick will validate that your keyword source selection is contained within the page source. You may also switch the keyword dialog's display level to 'Advanced' for additional keyword property options. For more information, go to Keyword Validation in this Help wiki.

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I recorded a script with a login and password, but the password has changed. Can I modify my script or do I have to re-record it?

You can modify it in the Properties Sidebar. Download the transaction to your desktop, display the Properties Sidebar, and click in the Script section header at the top to display Events. In the Script section window, click the Event that contains the password. In the Properties section below, open the Event Input property panel, and simply enter the new password in the text field.

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Why does DejaClick leave open sessions from our application after a measurement is taken? Is the Firefox browser closed after each test is done?

DejaClick transactions are run in private browsing mode within the Firefox browser. After the transaction has been run on one of our monitoring locations, Firefox terminates private browsing mode, while the main Firefox process remains running. Unless your transaction contains a logout that closes the application session, your server might not know about it and could assume the session is still alive. Your transaction should always record a logout step and end the session.

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I need to allow the user of the script to enter some text midway through the script. Is there a way to pause and resume a script during recording and later during playback?

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, adding a simple DejaNote to one of your script events may do the trick. When a DejaNote pops up during replay, by default it automatically pauses DejaClick. Deja then waits for the Play button to be pressed before continuing. While paused, the user may enter data into the web page form as needed. The DejaNote itself can instruct the user what to do.

For example, first record a simple script:

1. power on DejaClick and press Record
2. enter as the Firefox URL
3. when the page loads, type 'test' into the search box and press Enter
4. press Stop

Now, edit the DejaClick script properties to clear the HTML input value and add a DejaNote:

1. open the 'Script Properties' sidebar (4th toolbar button from right)
2. in the sidebar, fully expand the script tree by clicking title bar
3. in the tree, click on the 'Input HTML Form' script Event (event number 3?)
4. expand the 'Event Input' property panel (in sidebar), then clear the input value and press Apply
5. expand the 'Event Notes' property panel, then press the 'Add' button
6. in the 'Add Note' dialog, type 'Enter search term' in the box and change Style to 'Balloon'
7. click OK to close the dialog, then press Play (in toolbar)

DejaClick will now replay the script and display a popup note just after inputting the (empty) value into the search box. At this point the user may then enter their own search term and click the 'Continue Replay' button in yellow notification bar at the top of the page (or they can simply press the toolbar Play button again to continue). The trick here is that we used a DejaNote to pause replay and we cleared the originally recorded input value to allow the user to enter their own. (See DejaNotes.)

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I have an existing script and I'd like to append to the end of it. How can this be done?

DejaClick includes support for recording new events onto an existing script while replay is paused. To do this, s elect "Replay Next Action" or "Replay Next Event" from the Play button's drop menu, then press Play repeatedly to step through the recording to the point where you want to start recording new events. When paused at the chosen point in the recording, press Record, then continue browsing to append the new events. Note: opening the DejaClick sidebar and expanding the script tree by clicking on its title section may be useful in showing what events were and are being recorded.

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What do I do when I get a Status 93 error from AlertSite because of an unexpected dialog pop-up in my transaction?

The Properties Sidebar has a Dialog Prompts panel that can be modified to handle a variety of pop-ups. For an example of how that's done, go to Dialog Prompts.

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I don't seem to be able to use TrueScreen. What's wrong?

The TrueScreen Module is a DLL which requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 runtime installed. Ordinarily, this application is included in Window systems. If the runtime is missing, Firefox is unable to load the TrueScreen DLL. The runtime application can be downloaded for free from Microsoft. Do a browser search for Microsoft VS2005 runtime; the Microsoft download site should come up as the first choice of your search. Follow the links for downloading the correct version. This should resolve the problem of running true screen on your desktop.

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Why do I see Status 82 in my AlertSite console and reports when the transaction completed within the specified timeout?

Status 82 does not involve network timeouts, but behind-the-scenes activities occurring inside the Firefox browser itself when a page is loading. Firefox informs DejaClick about the progress of page loading with multiple notifications, for example:

  • Base (HTML) page is completely transferred,
  • All Objects have been transferred
  • Ajax activity is in progress

and so on. DejaClick then compares all these notifications (the "page loading pattern") with the ones encountered during the recording in order to determine if the page has finished loading.

If Firefox does not notify DejaClick about this progress within the threshold specified in configured Browser timeout and HTTP step timeout values, DejaClick reports it as a Status 82, "Page took too long to load."

However, since our reports show network timings only, you might see response times displayed in the reports that are within the configured timeout thresholds even though a Status 82 is displayed. You might also see Status 82 from one monitoring location but not from other locations due to behavior variations in the different instances of Firefox.

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Why does the Capture screen show a page with Private Browsing in my report drilldown?

DejaClick uses this Firefox default page before connecting to a website:


If the Capture screen shows this, it means that we could not connect to your site. You likely had a Status 2, No response from server -- test timed out error before DejaClick loaded anything else.

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