DejaNotes provides the ability to annotate your scripts with comments, instructions, field input, or other descriptive information without any effect on the replay. This is especially helpful when team members share scripts, and for future reference.

Adding Notes

During recording or while replaying the next action or event, the DejaNotes icon Add_Note-postit.png will activate by turning yellow. Click on the yellow note icon to select the default “sticky” note. Click the drop-down arrow to select from a list of alternative note styles:


See DejaClick Toolbar for examples of the alternative style notes.

When the note is activated, click on the icon in the DejaClick Toolbar, then click somewhere in the main page of your recording. The note will appear at that location. Enter whatever text you need:


You can resize the note or move it to another area as needed. You can see it during replay, but it has no effect on the transaction.

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