DejaClick Toolbar

Standard Toolbar

The DejaClick Toolbar displayed above the main window in your Firefox browser controls all DejaClick functions.


A tool tip appears when you hover over each icon. You can go directly to the DejaClick Home Page by clicking on Deja_homepage.png.

Click on the icon to perform the required function or to display the dropdown menu of icons with a down arrow. Each icon is listed below:

Icon Name
Power_On.png Power On
Power_Off.png Power Off
Open_recording.png Open a recorded script
Save_recording.png Save recording as a script
Superbookmark.png Create Super Bookmark
Record_w_arrow.png Begin recording (appears gray after recording starts). After pause, can be used to create a new Branch (see Branching Logic)
Stop_recording.png Stop record/replay (appears gray before recording is started)
Pause_recording.png Pause replay (appears gray while recording is replaying)
Replay_all.png Begin replay all
Replay_Action-Event.png Begin replay Action* or *replay Event (selected from dropdown)
Test_On_Demand.png Test On Demand
Open_validation.png Open validation panel
Close_validation.png Close validation panel (replaces Open validation panel icon when Open validation panel icon is clicked)
Add_Note-postit.png Create a new note (yellow "sticky note" icon is the default)
      Add_Note-balloon.png Balloon note
      Add_Note-thought.png Thought cloud
      Add_Note-annotate.png Annotation style
      Add_Note-plain.png Plain box
Results_Sidebar.png Open/close script results sidebar
Properties_sidebar.png Open/close script properties sidebar
Config_Options.png Configure Options
Config_Options-dropdown.png Configure Options dropdown
Remotely_Monitor.png Remote Services
Remote_services_dropdown.png Remote Services dropdown
Display_Help.png Display Help Topics
Display_Help-dropdown.png Display Help dropdown

Customizing the Toolbar

The DejaClick Toolbar can be customized for personal taste. If you prefer smaller icons, go to the Configure Options General tab (see Configuration Options) and click the Small Icons check box.

To display a text description of each icon, select Icons & Text from the Toolbar Style dropdown in the Configure Options General tab.


You can add or remove buttons by right-clicking in a blank area of the toolbar to display the DejaClick toolbar menu:


Select Customize... to display the Customize Toolbar dialog:


As an example, say you want to remove the DejaClick icon from the right side of the toolbar (although we have no idea why you'd want to do that). Just click on the icon and drag it into the Customize Toolbar dialog, where it will now appear:


Here's the DejaClick Toolbar, looking very naked without the logo:


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