DejaClick Test On Demand Tutorial

The DejaClick Test On Demand feature allows users to run a transaction on a remote server right from the desktop. This gives DejaClick users a quick and easy way to check a web transaction's performance, and allows AlertSite customers to double-check the functionality of an application before distributing it to selected monitoring locations. This tutorial demonstrates the steps for performing a Test On Demand.

Note: This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of DejaClick. If you are not familiar with the DejaClick toolbar, recording functions, or terminology, please review the DejaClick Quick Start Guide before continuing. Requires DejaClick V2.2.0.0 or newer.



Quick Reference

The Test On Demand function is accessed by the Test On Demand button Test_on_demand_icon.png or the Remote Services Remotely_Monitor.png dropdown menu in the DejaClick toolbar:


Here is the basic process for performing a Test on Demand:


  1. Record a script, or power on DejaClick and load a saved script
  2. Replay the script
  3. Click the Test On Demand button in the toolbar, or select Test On Demand from the Remote Services dropdown
  4. Log in to your AlertSite account or free DejaClick Community account. Click here if you don't already have a free account.
  5. Review report output after test completes

Each of these steps is further explained below.


Create Script to be Tested

Start your Firefox browser with DejaClick installed and create a recording to be tested in one of two ways:


  1. Click the Begin Recording button Begin_recording.png in the DejaClick toolbar and step through your web pages
  2. Power on DejaClick and load in a saved script by clicking the Open Recording button Open_recording.png in the toolbar and selecting a saved script

The Test On Demand function is activated in the toolbar and Remote Services menu once a script is loaded into DejaClick. If you select Test On Demand before recording a script or loading in a saved script, the AlertSite Login dialog box will appear. If you do not have an AlertSite account, click the Sign up for a free account link to be directed to a page where you can register for a free DejaClick Community account:


If you logged in to your AlertSite account or to a free account and clicked the Test On Demand button, but have not yet recorded or loaded in a script, an informational dialog will be displayed.


Performing a Test On Demand

So now you're logged in and you've recorded a script or loaded a saved script into DejaClick. Next, you must replay the script so that DejaClick can verify it and make any internal adjustments as needed. If you attempt to run a Test On Demand before replay, you'll be prompted with an informational dialog.

Replay the script by clicking on the Replay button Replay_all.png, then click the Test On Demand button or select Test On Demand from the Remote Services dropdown to perform the test. The Test On Demand dialog box will be presented:


If you don't expect to change any options in the future, you can check the box labeled Skip this dialog next time. The Test On Demand dialog will no longer appear after you check the box, but you can re-enable the dialog later from the Configure Options > General tab under Effects by de-selecting the Skip Test Options Dialog check box. Hover on the (?) for this helpful tip: You can reset this option on the General Preferences tab of the DejaClick Options dialog.

The Test On Demand dialog includes a dropdown list of test locations and a set of replay options that are displayed when you click the Options dropdown:


Note: Free accounts can test from a limited set of locations. AlertSite account holders can choose one of more than 55 test locations from the dropdown. This list is updated as new monitoring locations are added to our network.

The main viewing window is replaced by a slideshow of events as they are performed, along with an action information banner, progress bar, and thumbnail screen images of each page. The images are outlined in green if no errors were detected at that step.

During Test:


Completed Test:


To view an enlarged screen image, click on the thumbnail of the page you want, then click on the main slideshow image to enlarge. To return to the reduced-size image, click the enlarged image again, or click CLOSE X in the lower right of the page.

In the event of an error at any step, Test On Demand will stop at that event, the screen image will be outlined in red, and the error status and description will be displayed below the main viewing window. The example below displays the page with the error (shown with the step description banner collapsed into the Information icon Information.png):



Test Results Analysis

When the test completes, you can display a report with full drill-down to the page object level. Click on the Detail Report link at the bottom to immediately bring up a performance report. Click on the "waterfall" icon waterfall_icon.png to see the page object report or the "view" icon View_icon.png to see the detail report.


You can also view the waterfall report for an individual action by clicking on the waterfall icon below the thumbnail image of the page.


The reports generated by the Test On Demand function can help you refine and optimize your web application by giving you some insights into possible bottlenecks or inefficiencies.


AlertSite Diagnostics

If you are an AlertSite customer, you have the option of running a Test On Demand of any transaction in your account from your monitoring console.


  • Access the console from the DejaClick Remote Services dropdown by choosing Dashboard from the menu, or log in directly to your console from the AlertSite Secure Login page
  • Hover over Support in the Control Menu and select Site Diagnostics
  • Select the transaction you want to test from the Test your site dropdown list
  • In the Test Type section, click the Test On Demand radio button for Fullpage Results or Test On Demand - Non Fullpage for results without objects
  • Select the location to run the test from
  • Click Submit to perform the tests - the results are displayed with the same type of output as Test On Demand through DejaClick


In addition, you can run a test from the Manage Site or Manage Transaction page of the AlertSite console:


  • Hover over Configuration in the Control Menu
  • Select Sites or Transactions from the dropdown
  • Click on the Name of the Site or Transaction you want to test
  • In the Manage screen, click on the Test on Demand button in the upper right

The Test On Demand results will be displayed on your desktop.

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