Super Bookmarks

Your recording can be saved as a "Super Bookmark" to your Firefox browser with a click of a button.

Once you have installed the DejaClick plug-in, the DejaClick Toolbar will appear just above the main window. In addition, a button identical to the "Begin recording" button Begin_recording.png will appear on the far right of the Navigation toolbar (next to the Google Search box if your browser displays it). The mouse-over tool-tip for this button says Record a DejaClick Super Bookmark!

After successfully recording and replaying a transaction, you can save it to your browser bookmarks list by clicking the Super Bookmarks icon Superbookmark.png. This allows you to automatically replay the recording on your desktop with one click:


Even if you don't have the DejaClick toolbar visible, click on the Record_Superbookmark.png icon on the far right of the Navigation toolbar.


The icon will change to the "Stop recording" button Stop_record_superbookmark.png. Enter your start page and click through as desired. When done, click the "Stop recording" icon. The Super Bookmark dialog will pop up:


Enter a name for your recording, select the bookmark folder, and click Done.

Check the Bookmarks drop-down in your Firefox browser and verify that the DejaClick Super Bookmark is there. Click on it to replay the recording.

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