URL Exclusions

It's likely you'll want to exclude certain URL's from affecting your performance testing as your script runs. When web pages load 3rd party objects like advertising, embedded Flash or images, you might not want that included in your performance metrics.

You can use DéjàClick's URL Exclusion feature to ignore these objects as your script processes.

URL Exclusion is an Advanced configuration feature, so make sure you've selected the Advanced view.

After you've recorded a script or opened an existing script, go to the top level in the Tree View.

Under Script Properties, open URL Exclusions.

Click Add.

Enter any part of the URL that want excluded in to the URL field and click OK.

Match Type can be Plain Text or a Regular Expression. Using Regular Expressions requires that you are familiar with regular expressions. Invalid or incorrect expressions may cause wrong exclusions or none at all. Click the question mark next to Regular Expression for more information.

Action Type is Ignore or Block:

  • Ignore will request the URL but not include it in performance timing.
  • Block will completely block the request for the URL. If you select Block, remember that blocking URLs may prevent the successful playback of a script, so use this with caution.

URL Exclusion Examples

After you enter a URL in the Add URL Exclusion and click OK, it appears in your list of URL Exclusion in Script Properties.

In this example, any URL that includes "flashobject.com" will be requested by your script, but not included in performance timing. This would include and URL such as "myflashobject.com/video" or "real/flashobject.com". Same with the second example - this would exclude any URL containing "3rdpartyads.org/pictures" from performance timing.