DéjàClick for Chrome - Test On Demand Tutorial

DéjàClick's Test On Demand feature allows AlertSite customers to run scripts on a remote server immediately, right from your desktop. This gives you instant results for checking a website's transaction performance. It also allows you to ensure your script is fully functional before deploying it to your AlertSite account or distributing it to your team.

Quick Reference

To use Test On Demand:

  1. Record a script or load one of your saved scripts
  2. Replay the script by clicking the Begin Replay icon.
  3. Let your script run from your desktop.
  4. To use Test On Demand,log in to your AlertSite account. Click the log in icon and log in.
  5. Click the Test On Demand icon.
  6. Select the desired Browser and monitoring station
  7. Click Test and watch your script run.

Running Test on Demand

If you are unfamiliar with recording a script, please refer to the Getting Started Tutorial, please See "Write your first script!"

Start the the DéjàClick extension in Chrome and select one of your scripts by clicking the Open Recording icon , or click the Begin Recording and step through your web pages and create your test.

When you have your script loaded and you are signed in to your AlertSite account, the Test On Demand icon is enabled.

Click Test On Demand. The Test On Demand dialog appears.

The Test On Demand dialog displays your AlertSite Customer ID and Customer Name at the top, with Browser and Locations drop down lists.

You can expand Options to see the time out and set the Capture Set (Images, HTML Source, HTTP Headers) and the Image format (jpeg or png). Notice the "Skip this dialog next time" check box? If you check this, next time you run Test On Demand, it will remember your selections and not bother asking for them again.

Select the Browser and Location, then click Test.

Test On Demand first uploads your script to the selected monitoring location.

Once the script has uploaded. Test On Demand runs your script and displays shots of each action as the test progresses.

The Replaying status bar shows you progress. If there are any messages, Test On Demand will ask you how to proceed:

Reports and Results

When complete, Test On Demand provides you with detailed reporting options.

A thumbnail of each screenshot appears across the bottom. You can select each screen shot to view the page. Beneath the thumbnails is a link to show the object report for each page.

Click the object report icon below any thumbnail to get to the detailed action report.

You can also run the Detail Report and Capture Report

For more on AlertSite reporting, see the AlertSite User's Guide