Simulate New User

If you are familiar with DéjàClick for Firefox, you've used the Simulate New User feature when recording and replaying your scripts. It's a little different in DéjàClick for Chrome.

In Chrome, in order to start with a fresh browser that behaves as a new user, you simply use Chrome's "Incognito" feature.

To enable Incognito, go to the Chrome extensions page (Tools - Extensions) and check "Allow in Incognito" for DéjàClick for Chrome.When you start Chrome, you can open a new Incognito tab either from the menu (New Incognito Window) or by pressing Ctl-Shift-N.

Using the Incognito features assures that your script is recorded without using cookies, the browser cache, stored passwords and other typically saved information which could interfere with the web page's behavior.