By adding Keyword Validations, your script can verify that the page is loading correctly or if it has changed, intentionally or unintentionally. DéjàClick will automatically detect keywords for you with the Add Keyword Validation feature.

Keyword Validation Views

Select either Basic or Advanced - whichever suits your needs:

Basic View Advanced View

Keyword Validation Options

When you use Keyword Validations during your script, the validation will use default properties from Configuration. You can change these on the fly in the keyword form. You can also adjust your script after recording it and saving it, should you need to modify the behavior later.

Match Options let the Replay know what to look for. Typically, it's plain text on the web page, but there may be times you need to adjust the settings. If you are concerned about text on the page, use Plain Text. You then have the option of matching the case or not, matching the whole phrase or not, allowing line wrap and normalizing blank spaces.

If you ever modify your Keyword Text manually, you will need to consider the match type as well.

Action Options tells the replay to generate an error, and allows you to decide if you want an error if the Keyword Match is not found - or if the keyword is found.

Search Options default to the Selected Document so the Keyword Validation looks only at the currently loaded page.

Keyword Validation Tutorial

As you record your script, when you find text on a page to use for Keyword Validation, click the Add Keyword Validation icon. Click on the text on your page, and the Keyword Validation dialog automatically displays the selected text in the Keyword box. If you are in Advanced View, you can change the options - but you don't need to. Allow DéjàClick to automatically add the keywords.

Here's an example: I'm going to go to Google and search for Van Gogh's Starry Night. I want to make sure I see the text "Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh - Van Gogh Gallery".

1. Start Chrome and DéjàClick, and click Begin Recording.

2. Navigate to and type Starry Night in the search field.

3. Click the Add Keyword Validation icon.

4. Click the Text "Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh - Van Gogh Gallery. The Keyword Validation automatically copies your selection into the validation form.

5. Click OK, then click the Add Keyword Validation icon once again to close the keyword window and record your selection.

6. Click Stop Record/Playback. DéjàClick completes your recording. Your Keyword Validation is written to the step in your script.

Replaying your Keyword Script

After completing your script, you can replay it to make sure you have the results you want. Click the Begin Replay icon and watch your script play. Save your script to your desktop with the Save your recording icon.

DéjàClick Alert

If a keyword is not found when replaying the script, DéjàClick will display an alert. Click the Additional Information drop down to see the details.

The Results for the script will record the details, so you know exactly what occurred: