Now that you are getting around in DéjàClick like a pro, here are a few more features you'll be interested in.

Keyword Validation

Keyword Validation ensures your application is responding correctly and things are really working. Let DéjàClick automatically record important words or phrases that will tell you your web page is responding as it should.

See "Keyword Validation"

JavaScipt Validation

DéjàClick scripts let you run custom JavaScript code on your web pages to perform advanced verifications involving math operations or string manipulations.

See "JavaScript Validation"

Configuration Options

DéjàClick takes care of recording and playback options automatically with default configuration settings. There may be times you want to review these setting or make adjustments. You can set the defaults with the Configuration Options, or you can make adjustments specific to your script, events and actions on the Properties tab.

See "Configuration Options"

Proxy Settings

Learn how you can override Chrome proxy settings for your DéjàClick scripts.

See "Proxy Settings"

Simulate New User

When recording your scripts, you'll want to make sure that cached information, cookies and stored passwords do not interfere with the recording and replay. Use Chrome's "Incognito" feature to ensure your recording and playback is successful.

See "Simulate New User"

Test On Demand

You can run your DéjàClick scripts remotely on any of AlertSite's global monitoring systems.

See "DéjàClick for Chrome - Test On Demand Tutorial"