TrueUser Technology

Unique Features

Built to interact with Rich Internat Applications (RIAs), DéjàClick features AlertSite's proprietary TrueUser™ technology to resolve the challenges of Web 2.0's emerging technologies to record interactions with today's modern web applications. TrueUser enables everyone from business users to operations to development to create fast, easy to use web transaction monitoring scripts.

Some of the unique features of TrueUser™ technology are:

  • Adaptive Playback: DéjàClick automatically detects and adjusts for dynamic features of RIAs, including changing resource IDs and AJAX driven page updates.
  • End-User Computing: Scripts are created automatically by recording mouse clicks and website navigation.
  • Global Monitoring: With more than 80 global monitoring stations, your scripts monitor performance continuously and automatically from multiple locations around the world. The TestOnDemand capability support on click, instant testing.
  • End-to-End Transaction Monitoring: Complete end-to-end transaction monitoring provides absolute visibility into the performance of every resource of the web application as well as Visual User Experience metrics
  • Match Scoring: Multiple proprietary algorithms ensure the accurate identification of page elements for playback of user events.