Write Your First Script!

Opening the DéjàClick for Chrome extension

Now that the DéjàClick for Chrome is installed in your browser, you're ready to record your first DéjàClick transaction.

Start Chrome, and look for the DéjàClick icon in the toolbar.

Click the DéjàClick icon to start the DéjàClick extension.

You can hover over the icons across the top to see their descriptions.

The top half of the extension window is the Tree View. You'll see your recorded steps appear here. The lower half will display results of the interaction with the web page and the properties of each item.

Begin recording your web transaction

Let's start with a quick 2-step web transaction using Yahoo as an example. You will need to enable "Incognito Mode" in Chrome (See "Simulate New User").

Start with a fresh Incognito (Ctl-Shift-N) window in Chrome first. This assures that the recording acts as a new visitor to your website.

Click the Record icon in the DéjàClick extension. Now, in the Chrome browser, enter www.yahoo.com in the address bar and hit Enter.

You will see your user event recorded in the tree view of the DéjàClick extension.

Adding a Keyword Validation

While DéjàClick does a great job of understanding if there is a web application error, using Keyword Validation ensures the application is responding correctly and things are really working. For example, if you're the content manager for the Yahoo home page, you might want to make sure a repeatable piece of content always appears on the page.

Click the Add Keyword Validation icon in the DéjàClick toolbar and hover over the word "Finance" at the top of the page, then click. The Keyword Validation dialog appears.

Click OK to add the Keyword Validation. Click the Add Keyword Validation once again to return to recording mode.

Continue Recording

After you toggle off the Keyword Validation, just perform the next user interaction. Let's click on the Finance link to go to the Finance page. Notice that the step is added to the web transaction recording, visible in the Tree View of DéjàClick extension.

Complete your Script

End the recording by clicking the Stop record/play icon. You'll see a message with information about your script:

Click OK.

Playback from your Desktop

Now that your script is complete, use the Begin Replay icon to replay the script from your desktop. The DéjàClick extension performs all of your user interactions across the web page and records the results.

Once again, start with a fresh "Incognito" tab in Chrome.

Click the Begin Replay icon. You'll see your movements repeated across your browser. When the script is complete, you'll see the Replay Success message. Results now appear in the Results tab in DéjàClick.

You've just completed your first script!

After the replay, you can review your script results by selecting each item in the tree view at the top of the DéjàClick extension. The Results down at the bottom will show playback results. The Properties tab displays details about each event or action.

Save your Script

To Save the script to your desktop, click the Save your recording as a script icon. Chrome will download your script as an XML file. Click the Downloads link.

Now that the script is saved, you can select it and replay it at any time.

Test on Demand

You can replay your script on any of AlertSite's world wide monitoring locations by using Test on Demand. Test on Demand allows you to instantly verify your script on any of AlertSite's world wide monitoring stations.

If you are not logged in to AlertSite, click the Log in to AlertSite icon to log in to your AlertSite Console.

Now the Begin Test On Demand icon is enabled. Click Begin Test On Demand and you can select the desired Browser and Location for re-playing your script.

Select your browser and location and click Test.

Test on Demand will run your script, showing you a screen shot of each action. When complete, Test on Demand shows you the script status. You can review each screen shot by clicking on the thumbnail. You can also view the Detail Report or Capture Report.

Upload your Script to AlertSite for Monitoring

You can store your scripts on AlertSite's monitoring locations using your AlertSite account.

If you are not logged in to AlertSite, click the Log in to AlertSite icon to log in to your AlertSite Console.

Click the Remote Service icon to open the Remote Services drop down menu.

This allows you to upload your recordings to a repository so you can re-use, share, and schedule them.

Complete your information, determine the transaction schedule, click OK and your script is ready to run on your schedule and report results to your AlertSite account.