The DéjàClick Toolbar

The DéjàClick Toolbar appears across the top of the DéjàClick window. You can hover your cursor over each icon to view its description.

Icon Name Description
Open a recorded script This goes to a list of your saved scripts. You can open an existing script to replay it or review it.
Save your recording as a script After you've recorded your interaction with a web site, use this to save the recording as a new script.
Begin recording Click this to start recording your actions.
Begin replay Click this to start a replay of a selected script.
Pause replay Click this to pause the replay of a script.
Stop record/replay Click this to end your recording or to stop the replay.
Add Validations Use this to add keyword validations or JavaScript validations to your script.
Begin Test on Demand After you log in to your AlertSite account, use this to select the Test on Demand browser and location. Test on Demand is an instant test running from a selected location that displays screen by screen remote playback. See DéjàClick Test On Demand Tutorial.
Configure options All configuration options for record and playback can be found here.
Login to your AlertSite monitoring account Click this to log in to your AlertSite Monitoring Account.
Help Click this to bring up DéjàClick Help.