Now that you've created, replayed and saved your first script, here's a quick tour of of DéjàClick's basic features. We'll get to the advanced stuff later.


Across the top of the DéjàClick window, you'll see the toolbar. This is where you start recording, stop recording, replay, save, and upload your scripts. You can also log in to your AlertSite account, where you can deploy your script and schedule replay from any of AlertSite's global locations for web performance monitoring and notification.

See "The DéjàClick Toolbar"

Results and Properties Tabs

In the lower half of the DéjàClick form, you'll see two tabs: Results and Properties. The Results tab displays information about the status of script replay in your browser. Properties allows you to review and modify the detailed properties of your script, actions and user events.

See "Results and Properties Tabs"

Tree View

The upper half of the DéjàClick extentions displays a Tree View of the current script. The Tree View includes three levels of information: the script, the actions or pages, and the user events (mouse clicks, inputs, etc.). You can change the Tree View display levels by clicking on the top of the frame. The Tree View will change from fully collapsed to fully expanded.

Replay Advisor

The Replay Advisor lets you know if there are any problems or warnings as your script replays.

See "Replay Advisor"